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Proudly Australian, Witchery was founded in South Australia in 1970, and from our very beginnings, we’ve been proud to be a source of style, inspiration, and sophistication for all women. Today, we’re not slowing down. A source of daily style inspiration, dressing women every day sits at the heart of what we do. Empowering today’s women to express themselves in their own unique way — no matter where their life or their ambitions might take them.

We are continuously improving our business practices for the greater good, supporting women’s health and women’s issues, as well as working to address the environmental impacts of our materials and products.

Over the past 14 years, Witchery’s White Shirt Campaign has raised over $15 million for ovarian cancer research. In fact, until recently, Witchery’s contribution had enabled the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation to be the single largest funder of ovarian cancer research in Australia.

This is our moral fibre.


Witchery is devoted to empowering women by creating positive social change for the communities around us through supporting women’s health and women’s issues.

Pip Edwards in White Shirt Campaign 2023

Uluru Statement from the Heart

Witchery proudly accepts the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

Witchery is committed to walking in partnership with First Nations Peoples into a more inclusive Australia, through a continual process of two-way learning, deep listening and demonstrating respect for First Nations cultures. This is reflected through our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) and partnerships, collaborations and initiatives that we continue to undertake.

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Uluru Statement from the Heart

Artwork by proud Samsep woman, Alysha Menzel (@alyshamenzel)

Pip Edwards in White Shirt Campaign 2023

White Shirt Campaign

Established in 2000, Witchery and the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation’s long-standing partnership aims to raise awareness and funds towards an early detection test.

Donation to dateover $15,051,132

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Fitted for work

Witchery supports Fitted for Work, an organisation helping women in Australia experiencing disadvantage secure sustainable employment.

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Future women

Witchery supports Future Women, an online community that helps women to connect, learn and lead.

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Glam corner

Something borrowed.
Everyday fashion, for hire – every day.

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At Witchery, we pride ourselves on using fabrications that deliver high quality and long-lasting products to you, with a considered effort to support programs and processes that address environmental and social impacts in the fashion industry.

It’s a material world, but we’re constantly working to improve the ones we choose.

Let’s get behind the seams.

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Wood based fibres icon

Wood Based Fibres

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Virgin & Recycled

Re-sell, Reuse, Recycle

We get it, sometimes not every purchase is everlasting or meant to be. It’s important to consider the way you give up your unwanted clothes, so valuable resources and wearable fashion don't end up, wasted, in the landfill.

We want to empower you to make more conscious decisions. Before your discard your pre-owned pieces, ask yourself these questions below:

What state are my pre-loved clothes in?

Unwearable & Beyond Repair

Clothes that you wouldn’t buy yourself second hand or pass on to a friend.

Recycle icon

Recycle Them

Organisations SCR group aim to divert unwanted clothes from landfill, by recycling them into new products, or turning them into biofuel.

Find a drop off location near you.

Wearable & good condition

No permanent stains or unfixable tears.

Alter it icon

Alter It

A shorter hemline, tapered waist or a new zip or buttons might be enough to reignite that spark.

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Donate It

We partner with Fitted For Work – an organisation helping women in Australia experiencing disadvantage secure sustainable employment.

Read more to see if your items can help these women.

Resell it icon

Resell It

Online marketplaces like AirRobe help to keep fashion in circulation by allowing you to resell quality, pre-loved items to other members of the community.


The fashion industry’s impact on society and the environment doesn’t begin and end with manufacturing.

We’re considering aspects from across our business, from our warehouse, to retail stores, packaging and transportation with the aim to use resources responsibly.

Where in the world

Our apparel and accessories are sourced from a range of countries across the globe. In an effort to become more transparent, our interactive supplier map below illustrates where in the world your Witchery pieces were made.

Our Suppliers

Hover or click on factories to get more information

A Global Snapshot As of August 2021

46 Factories

5 Countries

14 Provinces

12,100+ workers

Over 3 quarters of our apparel factories have 60%+ female workers

Just over half of our accessories & footwear factories have 50%+ female workers

*Data from Shanghai Huahui Silk Products Co, LTD unavailable

*Data last collected July 2021

Omni Fulfilment Centre

Built in 2015, the Omni Fulfilment Centre (OFC) is Country Road Group’s distribution centre. It plays an integral role during the transportation of our products, from overseas to stores, or to your door.

Our Stores

A lot of thought goes into our stores to keep you feeling inspired every time you step inside – from the product layout, music, to imagery. There’s a lot more happening behind the shopfront to ensure our stores are reducing their environmental footprint wherever possible.

Signage & Propping

Something caught your eye? We love showing you our latest collections with our in-store signage and propping. We love it even more when they’re recycled and recyclable.

We print in-store collateral onto recycled paper or polypropylene, which is safer for human and environmental health than PVC alternatives. Where possible, we’re also moving in-store signage to digital screens in new and refurbished stores.

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Principles & Practice


We are proud to deliver considered designs made from quality fabrications. This would not be possible without the manufacturers and people who make our clothes in our supply chain.
Regardless of the location, all of our manufacturers must adhere to our ethical, social and environmental standards.

Read more in our Code of Labour Practice, that supports ethical trading principles, as part of the Country Road Group.


We understand it’s not just society and the environment we can impact during the production of our designs, it’s animals too.
Our manufacturers must minimise potential harm, stress or pain to animals and adhere to relevant national and international standards for Animal Welfare.

To understand more, read through our Animal Welfare Principles.

Our Sustainability Glossary+